Friday, 3 August 2012

Taking Stock

So, my short piece on the Beneteau First 21 prompted six comments earlier this week – a record! And speaking of records, you might be interested to know that this little piece of blogspace averages over 50 readers per day with 1,586 visitors in July and 4,609 since the first post in May. Largest daily visitor record was 98.

 Another interesting and somewhat more worrying record however, is that the most popular entries are those concerned with particular vessels. My piece about the Hardy Motorsailer for example has attracted 50 readers so far and the piece about the Cape Cutter has attracted 73 to date, whereas, my piece about piecing my nose with a fish-hook was of little interest to anyone but me. In effect, people here like to read about types of boats rather than other aspects of boating life.

My good friend Michael predicted this some months ago and suggested that readership would dwindle once I had chosen and bought my low cost cruiser. Hope he’s wrong because I’ll be relying more and more on your advice to bring the old tub back to a safe and comfortable state – time will tell.

Anyway, this is all a very longwinded way of saying thank you to all the Simple Sailing Low Cost Cruising friends, supporters and contributors. Is the site achieving its aims? I think so, in that it seems to help bring like minded people together, it promotes discussion and helps disseminate information and opinion. In truth, if I hadn’t been so technologically inept I would have developed a site which isn’t a blog (too much of me – not enough of us and you). The ultimate goal was a kind of information and support vehicle with a facility where like minded souls could share thoughts and ideas about cruising. The kind of perfect clubhouse where you kick off your seaboots, pour a liberal quantity of a suitable seaman’s tipple and enjoy the company. 

So, how are we doing?– so far so good I guess, but there is always room for improvement, technically, and with regard to content and editorial. Should we add more pages? Is a blog piece twice a week about right? Would you prefer more or less frequent blogs? Are there topics which deserve greater depth? Are there functions that could be added – a forum for example? Any ideas or thoughts would be really appreciated.

Meanwhile Michael, some time ago suggested a trimaran as a possible low cost cruiser, fast, stable, roomy, light with little draft, easily driven.  There is one for sale here so guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? Get back to you in a couple of days