Friday, 31 August 2012

La Fete de Doris

From an Internet Café

Well, this frugal lifestyle can have its downsides. I’m currently trying to move from French Telecoms to ‘Free’ to get cheaper international calls, broadband and some kind of advantageous mobile phone system. All will be well when the transaction goes through but it can take up to two weeks to sort. In the meantime, blogging has to be done through laptops and internet cafés, which is a pity because there is a lot to blog about.

Firstly, there was the Fete de Doris, the biggest yet with over 100 dories plying the estuary all through the past weekend. Also, I had my first sail as crew of the good ship La Passagere, a nineteenth century lugger recently bought by my good friend Allain, for use as an opportunity for tourists to get a taste of the sea, AND I have finally tracked down an interesting boat which I hope to see in the near future. 

Anyway, the weekend of the Fete de Doris was truly beautiful, lots of sunshine (rare this year) and gentle breezes which were a godsend to the countless people rowing each stage. The welcomes at each of the twelve slipways were very warm and the refreshments provided to the participants were generous and quite alcoholic. There was live music in each village and several boats also managed to keep the music going between stages thanks to crew members who brought accordions along with them. 

SO, sorry for the slight hiccup in transmissions but hopefully, things will improve shortly and normal transmissions will resume at the rate of two per week. AND the moment, I have my new internet set-up I’ll be posting one of Susan’s new monthly recipes, and a new quiz page for September, so if you haven’t attempted the quiz yet, you only have a few days left.