Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sea Toilet on a Small Boat

I’ve removed the old sea toilet from the boat and as a result two more holes in the hull have been glassed in. Now there is only one through-hull fitting, the sink drainer – I don’t like holes in boat hulls but I guess I can live with that. At the moment I’m back working in the cabin cleaning and sanding the old toilet compartment and the space opposite where the charcoal burning stove lives. I’m also considering how best to use the space. Susan, I think, would like to use the old toilet compartment as a hanging locker and store for food and clothes. The toilet, I suppose could be located in the fore-cabin, a solution often seen on smaller boats, but I’m not convinced, not sure I want to sleep over a toilet.

There is also a question regarding the best toilet replacement. A small ‘porta-potty’ might be the best solution, a chemical loo that can be emptied at the end of each voyage. Alternatively, I could use the idea recently posted to me by Davy, a good friend and reader of this blog. Seems fine to me but Susan is less convinced, maybe she just doesn’t like the colour of the seat – well there is no accounting for taste!