Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cape Cutter


Today I am in Jersey Channel Islands UK, a tiny island 9 miles by 5, home to some 90,000 lucky people who enjoy living in Britain’s sunniest location. Unfortunately, not today, the weather at the moment is wet and very windy. Today in Jersey is a public holiday, Liberation Day. Jersey and the other Channel Islands were the only parts of Great Britain to be occupied by the Germans during the Second World War. On this day in 1945, they were liberated by a British task force.

So, what did I do on a wet and windy public holiday? Pretty much the same as what you would do if you were in my shoes, trying to obtain a cruising boat for very little money. I took myself off to the harbour on the off chance the ideal boat might be sitting there in the marina.

Did I find the boat? Yes and no! Yes because I found Cape Cutter 19 for sale there. She’s a classic traditional sailing cutter, so overwhelmingly beautiful that I was instantly reminded why I have spent so many years sailing. Just looking at her, I was reminded of  the slap of canvass in the wind, the hiss of the bow wave, the chuckle of water under the transom, the creaking of the lines and rigging. Here is a boat which brings back all the romance of the sea. Love at first sight.

The cape cutter 19 is a classic coastal cruiser she looks traditional but she is constructed in modern materials and has a reputation for a quality of performance to match any other sailing cruiser of similar proportions. The owner tells me she’s fast and fun to sail. With her versatile cutter rig, a long shallow keel and distinctive plumb bow for directional stability, she’s an ideal boat for short hop coastal cruising, and her shallow draft and retractable centre plate means she’s also ideal for exploring islands estuaries and rivers.

Down below she has good accommodation for her size a full sized double v berth, two quarter berth seats, a galley area and work surface. The cabin is light airy and comfortable.

Her design originates from the classic old gaff cutter work boats and it successfully combines old world charm with modern day advancements in construction, performance and comfort. I discovered later (although I should have known from first glance, that she comes from Honnor Marine, a very well respected builder.

So, if she were just a little bigger, and if she were a tenth of the price, she could be my kind of boat, a simple craft for simple pleasure with a capability to look after her skipper and crew more than they deserve. She’s not for me unfortunately but take a look at her, you won’t be disappointed.


Designer                                              Dudley Dix

Length Over All                                   7.2M
Beam                                                   2.2M
Draft                                                    Centre plate up 0.45M, Centreplate down 1.22M
Displacement                                       1100 kgs
Ballast                                                  400kgs
Rigg                                                     Gaff or Bermudan cutter
Recommended engine                         6hp short shaft
Positive stability to                               110 degrees
Price (sail away)                                  £18,750 inc vat trailer (Approx)
Standard colours                                  Navy hull, Ivory deck




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