Friday, 14 March 2014

New Hatch for a Westerly Nomad

So here are the refurbished hatches for my boat – almost finished – just needing a little sanding and then a
coating – oil or varnish? For me its going to be International Paints ‘Woodcoat’, I’ve used it already on the rubbing streak and it seems to be a good product – I noticed also that Classic Boat magazine tested it and gave it three stars – that’s to say it was still good 54 months after application. The manufacture suggests three coats but I’ll probably do five.

I kept a list of materials used and costs just to kill the myth that you can purchase an old boat and renovate her at little expense – you can’t. Marine quality materials are expensive. Even if you are a DIY expert you shouldn’t get into this unless you have the resources, and remember these aren’t new hatches, I already had the frames and all the metal fittings.

To renew these hatches cost:

Marine ply 6mm –                                30 Euros
Teak (like) lats of wood (machined)      50 Euros
Glue                                                     16 Euros
Rubber compound                                32 Euros
Fillers and sanding papers                     8   Euros

TOTAL                                               130 Euros

In addition there will be:

Pre-Kote (International Paints) undercoat
Toplac (International Paints) Mediterranean white top coat
Wood Coat (International Paints) Wood oil

Well when I launch I may not have the best boat in the harbour – but I’ll have the best