Saturday, 28 April 2012

Sailing Contradictions

Saturday morning. Here we go, hell or high water, I WILL finish this weekend with a list of boats that might suit my purpose. Not ‘actual’ boats, but ‘makes or models’, then I can start to look for actual boats within my price range.

I have been pleasantly distracted and excited by an email I received this morning -an email of encouragement and advice. I won’t mention this chap’s name, although I hope he’ll click on the ‘follower’ button and publish his advice to me on the ‘comments’ so that others can read it.

I have an issue with Google’s use of the term ‘followers’ and I suspect it discourages people from signing up as a ‘follower’. Sailing people tend to be gregarious and generous of spirit, but they are often strong individualists with mildly anarchic tendencies who stand outside the herd, they would not describe themselves as ‘followers’ of anyone.  (long may this be the case!)

I’m not able to change Google terminology, but I can try to define it in terms that we here may find more acceptable. Here goes:

Click the follower sign: -  to encourage me to keep up this quest and as a way of linking yourself with like minded individuals. Writing is about communication, and communication should be (at least) a two way process.


We will consider ourselves as free independent skippers, captains of our own vessels, partners, comrades, co-conspirators, freethinking individuals of equal status, with a common interest – anything but followers!

Enough of this rant (except to say thank you to the author of the email) now I know I’m not alone in this endeavour and my drive for real freedom at the cost of lower income isn’t an irrational personal insanity!

His advice, by the way, was to look to the USA for inexpensive vessels. Prices there seem much lower than UK.